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Our Story

Hi, I'm Kelly, and my husband Gary and I met online... but not in the way you might think. Both active in the professional music scene in our respective countries (UK and America), we were promoting our coaching businesses online and randomly befriending likeminded people. After a few messages across the pond, it was clear that there was lots to talk about and lots of compatibility. Couple this with hundreds of serendipitous moments (too many to mention here!) and it was clear we were meant to be together. 

Figuring out the logistics came next -- UK to America, or America to UK?? From a very young age I've been an Anglophile, with the complete works of Shakespeare on my shelf and a map of the UK on my wall. So with a love of the history, countryside, the English music scene, and the birthplace of Shakespeare (we love ya, Will) it was an easy choice. Fast forward 18 months, and the three of us, including Zoe the cat, are super happy, and like nothing more than to help other couples have a chance to write their story. <3

See us on our special day on TikTok

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